Villa Della Porta Bozzolo

Donated by the heirs of the Bozzolo family in 1989

In the 16th century, in the peaceful valley of Valcuvia, a few miles from Varese and Lake Maggiore, stood the country residence of the Della Portas, a family of wealthy local landowners of humble origins and aristocratic ambitions. At that time, the mansion had a rustic character, with its rural buildings, its wine press and cellar and its silk spinning mill.

In the 18th century, the house was renovated, embellished and turned into a typical "villa di delizia" on the occasion of the wedding between Giovan Angelo III Della Porta and Isabella Giulini, a countess from Milan. Today, it is thus possible to explore the opulent interiors of their summer residence: salons and halls, galleries and bedrooms decorated with vibrant frescoes and trompe l’oeil motifs, mythical and allegorical scenes, bright flower garlands even on the doors, all of which are small Rococo masterpieces. Villa Della Porta Bozzolo has retained only few of the precious original furnishings: these include a canopy bed covered in golden damask silk and the wooden bookcases preserving the family archives. The other furnishings were donated by many generous and enlightened benefactors and helped recreate the atmosphere of an 18th century aristocratic mansion.

The windows afford a sublime view on the monumental Italian garden: its peculiar design is based on a succession of stone terraces ascending a hill crowned by the “theatre”, a wide green lawn with a fishpond and a steep path climbing to a spectacular panoramic lookout. In the 19th century, Senator Camillo Bozzolo saved the mansion from decay: the place still preserves his family memories as well as his rich library. In the past few years, FAI brought Villa Della Porta Bozzolo back to its former glory: still today, it is an enchanting corner of Italy, where you can spend the day strolling in the park, visiting the interiors of the mansion and enjoying a meal at the restaurant “La cucina di casa”.

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