Green Policy

Hotel Ristorante Stampa 1968 maintain its connection to the environment that surrounds it. It is the beauty of nature and vista around, from which the hotel draws its character and attractiveness. Therefore, our administrative policy is environmental oriented and friendly.

Regional Cuisine

A particular attention is paid to the selection of ingredients that we use to prepare our dishes. Among these ingredients, some products of our region are: farm eggs, local cheese, ground flours from the local mills, handmade fresh pasta and chestnut honey from Marchiolo valley.

The Electric Pole

An electric pole is installed at the hotel to serve our guests with electric cars. Thanks to the collaboration with Repower, we are able to offer our guests the possibility to recharge their electric vehicles. This is our way to raise awareness for sustainability in the present and for the future.

Bike Hotel

The hotel offers a safe storage for your cycling gear, an equipped workshop in case your bicycle need some fixing, a guide, riding itineraries, medical aid, and any other necessity for a perfect and peaceful cycling vacation. This is why Hotel Ristorante Stampa 1968 is known as a one of the Bike Hotels of lake Maggiore (Bike Hotel Association).

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Reducing in changing towels and bed-sheets

In order to make the hotel more environment-friendly, guests can ask to adhere to the policy of “reducing changing”, which means avoiding towels and bed-sheets change. This small gesture allows to save many liters of water and energy.

Photovoltaic and solar panels

To produce electricity autonomously.

Eco-friendly courtesy set

Present in all rooms.

Avoiding food waste

Both at breakfast time and in our restaurant.