• Experiences 7
    Villa Della Porta Bozzolo

    A country mansion in the 16th century, a sumptuous summer residence in the 18th century, with its rooms decorated in Rococo style and its spectacular, monumental Italian garden

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  • Experiences 8
    Villa Panza

    A 18th century mansion, whose windows look out on a magnificent Italian garden, hosts one of the foremost collections of contemporary American art, as well as international exhibitions.

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  • Experiences 9
    Monte Generoso

    The landscape extends from the Po Valley to the Lake of Como and to the Berenese Alps and Vallesane. On the summit, a rocky plateau, stands the majestic “Fiore di Pietra”, a new structure designed by the famous architect, Mario Botta.

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  • Experiences 10
    Monastero of Torba

    The story of the Torba complex is an ancient one that originated in the 5th century A.D., when the Romans built the walls of a military outpost against the threat of the barbarians near the village of Castelseprio.

  • Experiences 11
    Astronomical Observatory GV

    On the summit of Campo dei Fiori rises, for more than half a century, “Salvatore Furia”, the Science Citadel, a bridge between science and people, that functions as a scientific research center, visitors center, a place to have an experience of research and good use of your free time to expand your horizons.  

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  • Experiences 12
    Golf Club Lugano

    The Lugano Golf Club was established in 1923 and is considered a golf course architectural masterpiece. Over the years there have been many changes until 1992, when with a new design plan, the club was modernized to suit professional players as well as amateurs.

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