Our story

since 1968

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    April 1968

    The happy married couple Andina & Cattaneo decides to leave their jobs so they can take over a modest inn in Cadegliano Viconago, a small village in the province of Varese.

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    Gradually the inn develops. Many tourists from Switzerland and Milan choose Hotel Stampa, in particular during spring and summer weekends, for spending some quality time, relaxing in the shade of the tilia trees on the terrace and to taste some of the delicious dishes made by the capable hands of Signora Mimi.

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    Beginning of the 70's

    As the inn continues to blossom, Mimi and Felice’s children are growing-up in the lively atmosphere of the place, and decide to join their parents in bringing forward the family business they all had faith in.

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    Felice, thanks to the help of his son-in-law, Giovanni, husband of Felice’s daughter, Annalisa, is convinced to invest even more in the family inn.

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    Refurbishment works begin in order to give the place a touch of modernity: a new building for the rooms, an extension of the terrace for lunches and dinners, and a pool overlooking the lake. Stampa becomes a Hotel.

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    Changing and innovations continue as the family decides to add Pizzas to the restaurant menu. That becomes a “must” to our clients.

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    The family takes a new opportunity: the web. Therefore, the hotel continues to grow, attracting customers from all over the world.

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    End of 2017

    After the summer season, refurbishment works begin in order to further modernize the Hotel and add more rooms.

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    Beginning of 2018

    The family new generation involvement assures keeping-up the level of professionality of Stampa 1968. The grandchildren study and work abroad in renowned hospitality training institutes, so that they can return in the future and join the hotel activity.

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    Today the hotel is managed by the children of Mimi and Felice, that with their families, continue to bring it forward, fulfilling the vision that their parents have started to build 50 years ago.

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    50 Years of Stampa

    On May 26th, 2018, Hotel Ristorante Stampa celebrated its 50th anniversary in a big event, celebrating also the reopening of the hotel after finishing the construction works.

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