Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano, o Lake Ceresio, is extended among the Swiss Ticino county and the Italian Province of Varese and Province of Como. Hotel Ristorante Stampa is a fantastic viewpoint, where you can admire the marvelous charm of this lake. The city of Lugano and the numerous villages around this lake are ideal destinations for those who are looking for some peace and quite.

The Villas

Villa Cicogna Mozzoni in Bisuschio is a unique villa, surrounded by an impressive multi-level garden that beautifully interplays with the interior space; with statues, fountains and 12 frescoed halls decorated with furniture from various decades. The villa also functions as a concert hall, exhibition gallery and it is also used as a reception hall for galas and weddings.

Villa Fogazzaro Roi, in Oria Valsolda, was the residence of the notable writer, Fogazzaro, that described the atmosphere of the place in his books. Placed in the care of FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) in 2009, the villa presents to the visitors a piece of history; from the library, where the books of Fogazzaro are preserved, to his study, where there are some of his manuscript notes. Situated on the lake shore, the building offers also some excellent viewpoints on the lake and the surrounding mountains.


Some ancient landmarks, which are about 247 million years old. Excavations on Monte San Giorgio found fossils of 25 species of reptiles, 50 species of fish, more than 100 species of invertebrates and various of species of plants, in particular, conifers. From geo-paleontological point of view, it is considered an important site and UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage site. There are educational workshops and guided tours on the mountain.

On your tour to the mountain, don’t miss the fossils- in the Fossil Museum of Monte San Giorgio in Meride, Switzerland (restructured by the architect Mario Botta), and in the Civic Museum of Fossils in Besano. In the first one you are greeted by 2.5m long reconstruction of the saurian Ticinosuchus (a lizard), while in the second one stands out the Besanosaurus, almost 6m long, that holds in his abdomen an impressive number of four embryos; and the Saltriosauro, which his remains are the only fossils of a carnivore dinosaur in Italy.

The Trenches

A system of military defense lines runs through the mountain and connects the ridges of Monte Orsa and Monte Pravello, a few kilometers from Viggiù. They are part of the Cadorna Line that was constructed during WWI. It is interesting to go through the tunnels that where once populated by the soldiers, with rudimentary but efficient ventilation system and open spaces in which the cannons where maintained.

Places to Visit

Among the many interesting places that, without doubt, deserve a visit, we choose to mention: The Cascata del Trallo (Trallo Waterfalls) in Brusimpiano; Sighignola in Lanzo d’Intelvi, known as The Balcony of Italy for the magnificent scenery seen from this viewpoint; Grotte di Rescia (Claino con Osteno- Natural caves in Osteno), a series of caves unified to a single complex along a route of about 500m on the mountain slopes, on the eastern shore of Lake Lugano (Ceresio). Sasso Paradiso a Marzio, a big erratic boulder and a great viewpoint over the lake. Porto Ceresio, a charming village surrounded by nature, with its lakeside promenade and old villas with Liberty-style decoration.

Virtual Tour of the Lake

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