Lake Maggiore

Situated among Lombardy, Piedmont and Switzerland, within a few kilometers from Hotel Stampa 1968, Lake Maggiore is one of the most beautiful and rich in history lakes in Europe, a place of grate interest both for its landscapes and from an artistic point of view. It is also possible to enjoy water sport activities, while surrounded by blooming nature.

Verbania area

The Lombardy side of Lake Maggiore with its numerous villages, without doubt, deserves an extensive visit, where you can enjoy your time and relax while surrounded by beautiful scenery. Angera, is famous mostly for its ancient Rocca Borromeo (a castle). In the castle, you can visit the dolls and toys museum, the largest of its kind in Europe.

Up the coastline, Laveno Mombello offers you the Ceramic museum, the ‘Chiesa dell’invezione di Santo Stefano’ (Santo Stefano’s church) and arcaded buildings.

One of the most photographed and known monuments in Lake Maggiore is the Ermo di Santa Caterina del Sasso, a monastery that preserves some important frescoes, overlooked by its bell tower.

Luino, a charming village, a few minutes distance from the hotel, is famous for its Wednesday market that offers anything from clothes to some fine pieces made by local craftsmen. It is one of the largest markets in Europe. Then there is also the small town of Maccagno with its Torre Imperiale (Imperial Tower).

Borromean Islands

All the villages along the Lombardy coastline of Lake Maggiore, are a point of departure for sailings on the lake, that allow you to appreciate its beauty and its marvelous surroundings, but more important, can bring you to the famous Borromean Islands. The mountains around Lake Maggiore are well suited for trekking, horse-riding and mountain biking. Bikes is a great way to move around the lake, with many itineraries dedicated to cycling.